Carl Zeiss: A cult accessory

At the end of the Second World War, the Americans decided to transfer part of the company from Jena in East Germany to Oberkochen in the west. Hence the new name “Zeiss West Germany” which has accompanied us to the present day.
Its search for maximum precision, its meticulous professionalism and legendary top quality have all helped ZEISS become the number one brand in the world of lenses. It began to collaborate with the German company Metzler in the 70s, which enabled it to produce its first frames.
The vintage glasses of that period continue to represent the zenith of the German eyewear industry even today.
The Zeiss Umbral lenses, as in the model Carl Zeiss 9236 are extremely scratch-resistant and partially anti-glare. The photochromic lenses Umbramatic of the model Carl Zeiss 9222/4210 on the other hand, when exposed to sunlight, darken very rapidly.
These lenses are produced using top quality glass, designed to reduce UV and infrared rays to give clearer vision without altering the natural colours.
Over the years, ZEISS has made quality and practicality its mission, so it’s no surprise that its glasses have continued to be a cult accessory throughout the world of eyewear.
When it is available, we provide the ZEISS vintage glasses with their own original case.

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