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The ZEISS ski goggles have a light, super thin design, new attractive styles, maximum personalisation and SONAR technology to give complete freedom to tackle any ski run.

Discover our on-line offers on ski and snowboard goggles and our models for sale. The strong points of the collection are the patented design of the interchangeable masks and the ZEISS SONAR technology, studied to increase contrasts and make it easier to distinguish drops and obstacles on the snow So the skier can react more quickly and safely to the hazard and is not forced to give up performing well even on cloudy, foggy days. The majority of models offer the SONAR lens as a spare lens for when the light is low and on two models as the main mirrored lens.

If you’re looking for competition ski goggles at accessible prices, choose the PHANTOM technology from Bollé PHANTOM lenses are the best on the market and give incredible optical clarity with high photochromic performance and a high contrast filter to enhance colour vision. The option Phantom+ also offers a polarised filter.

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