Alcon Total30 Multifocal 3P


TOTAL30™ Multifocal Contact Lenses: Clear Vision and Lasting Comfort

  • Multifocal Design: TOTAL30™ Multifocal lenses are designed to correct presbyopia, allowing clear vision both up close and at a distance. This multifocal design provides a smooth transition between different viewing distances.
  • Gradient Water Content Material: Similar to standard TOTAL30™ lenses, these lenses feature a water content that gradually increases from the surface toward the core. This contributes to eye comfort and lubrication.
  • CELLIGENT® Technology: TOTAL30™ Multifocal lenses are equipped with CELLIGENT® technology, which helps prevent lipid deposits and bacterial adherence. This ensures that the lenses remain clean and comfortable over time.
  • Extended Comfort: Thanks to their high surface hydration and oxygen permeability, these lenses offer lasting comfort. They are ideal for wearers who need to keep them on for extended periods.