Ray-Ban, a never-ending legend

Ray-Ban, or “protection against rays”. An old pair of Ray-Ban USA original vintage glasses by Bausch & Lomb (Rochester, 1937) and a new pair of contemporary, Ray-Ban sunglasses stand poles apart. Collectors know it and this gives decisive value added to the old collections dating back to before 1999, the year Ray-Ban was taken over by Luxottica.
The lenses of the old models were actually made of tempered mineral glass, which made the glasses heavier and more precious compared to the new, contemporary reproductions. Original Ray-Ban glasses also have the logo “Bausch & Lomb” engraved on the frame and the inimitable engraving “B&L” on the lenses.
The first Aviator sunglasses of 1937, commissioned from Bausch & Lomb by the American Airforce, the first Wayfarer worn by the Blues Brothers, or the mythical Olympian I Deluxe worn by Peter Fonda in the film “Easy Rider”, will remain unequalled, legendary icons in the eyewear panorama of all time.
When it is available, we provide RayBan vintage glasses with their own original case.

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