Persol – original and unmistakable

Persol was born in Turin in 1917, when the optician and photographer Giuseppe Ratti created the Protector, technically advanced glasses designed to meet the needs of comfort, protection and optimal vision of aviators and sports pilots.
The Persol brand, acronym of “for the sun”, assumes from the beginning a very precise identity that will keep unchanged over time. Persol glasses are recognized for their elegant and refined design, careful selection of materials, optical quality of the lenses, fit and comfort.
Numerous innovations planned in the laboratories of Turin: The Meflecto, born in the late ’30s, is the first system in the world of flexible rods that allows the frame to adapt to the appearance of every face, while Vitcor Flex, is the three-notched flexible bridge that increases curvature and adherence to the face.
649 model, first true brand icon, was created in 1957 for the tram drivers of Turin who needed a wide and protective glasses but in a short time, it became a legend when Marcello Mastroianni wears it in the movie “Divorzio all’italiana” in 1961.
In its 100 years of history, Persol has created many successful models. Some of them, thanks to the original and unmistakable design, have become timeless icons: able to involve a vast and transversal audience of fans all over the world, preserving a current style and an irresistible charm in different eras.

When it is available, we provide Persol vintage glasses with their own original case.

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