Moschino, the Italian Jean-Paul Gaultier

Moschino is one of the most creative and most sacrilegious luxury brands on the global fashion scene with prestigious, superior quality garments and accessories.
The brand was founded in 1983 by the creative flair of Franco Moschino, pupil and designer for Gianni Versace, who disliked being called a stylist, and preferred “decorator”, and who became extremely successful in just a few years.
Moschino’s lively, surrealist style sometimes appears cultured and at times confrontational, a sort of critical parody of the fashion world.
The stylist used his creations to express his irritation with an increasingly superficial world.
His exuberant, ironic creativity is highlighted in his iconic, gold-plated model Moschino by Persol M13  or in his more pop version Moschino M3089-S, both of which reveal the brand’s anarchic, subversive spirit.
The Italian stylist, who died in 1994, was able to attract the attention of the younger generation and is also remembered for his great sensitivity towards the environment and nature.
When it is available, we provide Moschino vintage glasses with their own original case.

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