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The French designer Christian Dior revolutionised women’s fashion with his first collection in 1947. The lines he proposed stood out from the fashion of the time. His creative genius enhanced femininity with a new concept of revolutionary shapes.  His first glasses were produced in the 50s by Tura, a company founded by a New York optician, Monroe Levoy. Tura chased metal glasses were both haute couture and works of art, with enamel and jewelled appliqués.
However, from 1969 onwards, the tune changed: Christian Dior awarded the eyewear manufacturer Wilhelm Anger and his company Optyl the licence to produce prescription glasses that did not betray the haute couture concept. By the mid-70s, the Dior eyewear collection dominated the optical industry and ceaselessly continued to be successful up to today. Christian Dior’s range of vintage glasses lacks nothing: oversize glasses in Optyl, such as Dior 2230, women’s glasses in fine metal Dior 2313, the legendary aviator glasses Dior 2330, the timeless, unisex glasses Dior 2440 or the extraordinary icons of the past such as Dior 2400. Or Dior 2427 in the 80s “Monsieur” series, which was the most successful line in the entire Christian Dior collection.
When it is available, we provide Christian Dior vintage glasses with their own original case, except for those that have deteriorated over time.

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