“Jewellery for the eyes”

Alain Miklitarian moved to Paris aged 12 and at the age of 23, he created his own company with a project: to bring glasses into a new era, by transforming them into true “jewellery for the eyes”. Alain Mikli was the very first “glasses designer” Untiring (he produces at least 400 models each year), he maintains his taste for innovation and provocation in the world of fashion and eyewear.
In 1978, the French-Armenian designer was the first to create glasses using Cellulose Acetate, a material obtained from wood fibre, and transforming it into masterpieces, such as the model Alain Mikli M0151.
In 1984, Mikli launched a new line of glasses for Claude Montana. Then, in 1987, he opened his own shop in Paris and was crowned once and for all as leader on the global scene of eyewear. Asymmetry has been one of his most distinctive features that almost became his signature: we admire it in both shapes and colours and for many years it has been the guiding light of all his collections.
Alain Mikli has seduced his customers for thirty years with creativity as his sole weapon. He has rebranded ceaselessly and proposed extraordinary glasses for unusual faces to give a revolutionary, aesthetic result.

When it is available, we provide Alain Mikli vintage glasses with their own original case.

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