Versus, Versace’s “diffusion” glamour

Gianni Versace created this deliberately more non-committal, “diffusion” line in 1989 as a gift for his sister Donatella, to be sold alongside the main brand.
The legendary, never forgotten stylist presented it with these words: “Versus began with an innate, creative approach, paying close attention to innovation, talent and non-conformism. An artistic strength that continues to move forward with current fashion, anticipates new trends and embraces challenges.”
Versus is renowned for its characteristic, rock-chic look which Donatella had always loved, and is clearly visible in the model Versace Versus E-14 and which continues to influence all the collections in the line of the Maison even today, as in the model Versace Versus E-46/A.
When it is available, we provide Versace Versus vintage glasses with their own original case.

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