Paloma Picasso never follows fashion: she’s always a few steps in front.

Paloma Picasso has always had a creative flair since her childhood, with her drawings followed by her famous collections of jewels for Tiffany. However, Paloma was also a rebel, perhaps as a reaction to her omni-present father Pablo, and every one of her creations emanates this feeling.
By the late 70s, she was already renowned for designing Tiffany jewels. However, she gained fame and success in the 80s. Her glasses stood out for their light weight and great femininity: the frames with metal highlights such as the mod. 3715, the cheeky, polygonal mod. 1461, the bold colour combinations of mod. 3701 or the super-decorated arms of mod. 3812 characterised her creations and transformed them into true works of art. Paloma Picasso used to say: “My purpose in life is to make things more beautiful.”

When it is available, we provide Paloma Picasso vintage glasses with their own original case.

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