Nouvelle Vague, walking a tightrope between fascination and madness

Totally Italian tradition and passion, over 30 years of history in the ancient art of producing glasses with shapes and colours and boundless imagination, transforming everyday objects into fascinating tools of seduction, a visionary dream of imagination and seduction that permeated the 70s up to today.
Nouvelle Vague is an example of mould-breaking Italian design, with borderline shaped glasses, like the model Nouvelle Vague GSF DIN27 and the more traditional Nouvelle Vague Fancy or the two-colour model Nouvelle Vague Lolita.
All this without forgetting the roots of traditional eyewear consisting of genius and respect, imagination and a wealth of knowledge of natural materials, amidst enchanting shapes and undisputed technical skills.
Nouvelle Vague has thus managed to blend its obsessive attention to the quality of its materials, all strictly Italian, its continual technological updating and care for detail.

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