Missoni – game of geometries and colors

Missoni continues to dictate the italian fashion style with the iconic zig-zag texture, bright colors and geometries that create a cheerful and multicolored style, glamorous and endowed with strong personality. The eyewear collection reflects the DNA of the brand: sophisticated colors and striped patterns, geometric shapes.
The auctions are enriched by elegant details, according to the traditional mood of the Maison. Pia Soli writes on the Time of Rome: “The Missoni represent the new way of life where luxury is not the cost but the genius, the imagination, the simplicity. Missoni dress people for real life, their structures are elementary, loaded only with drawings and colors that pop up stronger at every season”.
This is the essence of the Italian fashion house: a synthesis of quality materials and
and unmistakable combinations of colours.

When it is available, we provide Missoni vintage glasses with their own original case.

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