Lozza – Between Tradition And Future

In 1878 Giovanni Lozza, with tenacity and inventiveness, founds a small shop in the poor Cadore, that will become in a few decades the Empire of glasses. It was not only a great personal, family and business success, but the beginning of one the most interesting Italian industrial phenomena. Among the pages of its history we find a constant tension towards the future and innovation. This same story makes it a brand with an innate superiority, able tyo be also today the emblem of the new cult glasses today. The claim of legendary models, first of all the Zilo, born in 1930 this iconic Lozza glasses, repeated in countless versions and literally “exploded” in the 70s, it becomes synonymous with trend, a brand that can not be ignored. Zilo is still re-proposed today also in the Cooper version, respecting rigorous vintage inspiration of the Brand

When it is available, we provide Lozza vintage glasses with their own original case.

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