Hi-Tek Designs London: The power of imagination

Alexander Tasou, designer for Hi-Tek Designs London, had already launched his “project” in the 80s when he introduced industrial design and surrealism into his accessories. Alexander loves giving his otherwise conventional objects different uses and sizes:  Handcuffs as frames for sunglasses or an inflated corkscrew as a bar stool, a pyramid as a watch case.
This is how Hi-Tek Designs London can offer you unisex, gothic, steam-punk, punk, cyber, rave, mainstream, cyberpunk, urban, industrial, retro, rockabilly, funky, Victorian or vampire sunglasses without having to bridle their imagination.
The frames are round and made of metal and plastic or flip-ups with polycarbonate lenses, such as the Hi-Tek 1048-1, or in stainless steel, such as the Hi-Tek HT-002, all handmade in stainless steel and with UV-400 lenses.
When it is available, we provide Hi-Tek Designs London vintage glasses with their own original case.

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