“A great deal of time and talent is required to produce Casanova glasses”

Casanova is a timeless brand created by the Bortoloso brothers from Schio (Vicenza), who designed and created glasses in the early 80s, thanks to their expert craftsmen, who welded, coloured and hand-checked each piece to create unique jewels.  The brand was inspired by early 20th century artists, such as Mondrian, Miró, Kandinsky and Le Corbusier, whose works of art inspired many models, such as the Casanova Dolcevita NM5. Its unique, iconic, Venetian design with hand-applied cloisonné colours, such as the model Casanova FC-2, enabled the limited editions of Casanova glasses to become highly prized collector items for art collectors around the world.
We can admire examples of this degree of excellence in the model Casanova FC-15. Various models in the collection have been further embellished with 24K gold plate, such as the Casanova LC-1.

When it is available, we provide Casanova vintage glasses with their own original case.

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