Fred, or when Julia Roberts wore his necklace in “Pretty Woman”…

Hailed in 1966 as one of the elite jewellers for his bracelet “Force 10”, the jeweller Fred Samuel is also renowned for having “dressed” Julia Robert’s neck with his unrivalled jewel. His old collection of “Fred Lunettes”, created from the 80s onwards, was made of precious metals, such as 24k gold and platinum.
Fred Samuel loved the sea and sailing inspired him. The arms of his glasses are twisted like a nautical rope and the hinges are shaped like a marine buckle.
The 1980 collection was designed for a clientele seeking a pair of glasses to match their yachts!
The 80s “Aviator” style model FRED America’s Cup was named after the world’s oldest yachting regatta. FRED Grand Largue on the other hand, was dedicated to Brittany’s shipyards of the same name, just like FRED Orcade was named after the legendary, Scottish archipelago, FRED Alizé after the trade winds and FRED Cythere after the Greek island where the goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite, was born.
He continued to match his art with the sea with the Caravelle ships, FRED CorvetteFRED Fregate, and other marine memories, such as FRED OuraganFRED Cabestan and FRED Zephir, for a never-ending marine dream.
When it is available, we provide FRED vintage glasses with their own original case.

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