Intense cream


Nutrient Day-Night Eye Contour Serum – Hydrating – Lifting
An effective and comprehensive restorative formula for devitalized skin, marked by time or exposed to external agents. In addition to the powerful deep hydrating and firming action provided by Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin, and Sclerotium Gum, it also includes nourishing and anti-aging effects (Rice Oil), antioxidant properties to counteract skin photo-aging (Orizanolo), and soothing, decongestant, and lightening properties against bags and dark circles (Vitamin B7, Escin, Rice Oil). A perfect balance of functional ingredients to address all imperfections affecting the eye contour. Contains 30 ml.


Product Information:
  • Prevents and reduces the appearance of bags and dark circles.
  • Gel-cream formulation with a non-greasy texture, rapid absorption, and gradual release of functional ingredients over time.
  • Suitable for dry skin and prevention of signs of aging.
  • Free from allergens, chemical preservatives, silicones, and petroleum derivatives. Tested for absence of heavy metals (nickel, chromium, lead, cadmium), paraben-free, and EDTA-free. In vitro eye irritation tested.
  • Airless dispenser bottle to reduce oxidative phenomena.