We do NOT sell replicas or imitations but only original NEW glasses made in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s never worn and in excellent condition. However, in some models there may be small traces of aging such as slight discolorations, faded labels or imperceptible color changes. These traces are not defects but an integral part of the “Vintage” concept and enhance the originality of these glasses.

You can write an email to: Our contacts are Dalpasso S.r.l. Via Turri 10 – 42121 Reggio Emilia – Italy, Phone: +39 (0) 522 453999.

In the page of the desired vintage eyewear, you will find the height and the widht of the frame front and the lenght of the temples. The width of the frame front is measured when looking at the eyeglass from the outside of the left temple to the outside of the right temple, which is approximately equivalent to the distance between the temples. The height of the eyeglasses is measured from the lowest support point to the highest limit of the frame. In highly irregular frames, the height is always measured from the lowest support point to the highest limit of the frame.

Yes, you can request a refund if the item is returned within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt indicated by the carrier and only if it is in perfect condition, with no alterations or signs of wear and tear, complete with every accessory, packaging, tag and warranty, if these were present at the time of shipment, as indicated in the “Return” section. In case of return, shipping costs are always borne by the consumer.

Since we only offer original vintage eyeglasses, that have been out of production for a long time now, it is not possible to order accessories or spare parts. Consequently, it is understandable that over the years some accessories (bags, cases, cleaning cloths, interchangeable lenses, certificates, etc.) have been lost.
However, this is also a tangible indication of the authenticity of our glasses as well as any small traces of their past.

When possible, Dalpassoshop includes the accessories that are part of the original equipment. If the case is not available, the glasses will be supplied in a Vintage case as close as possible to the original one or, if that is not available either, they will be supplied in a contemporary case.

Yes, it is possible to try on our vintage eyewear at our Reggio Emilia shop on Via Carducci 2/a. Please contact us by phone to make an appointment at +39 (0) 522439731 or email Please note that after trying on the glasses, the purchase cannot be made on the spot but always and only at

The fact that our eyeglass frames have never been worn does not necessarily imply that the “demo” lenses mounted on them are free of scratches or other defects. These transparent demo lens are put by the manufacturer into the eyeglass frames only for aesthetic and display purposes. They must be replaced with graded lenses.
These lenses, therefore, are not very scratch-resistant and also do not provide any UV protection or impact protection and they are not recommended to be worn permanently.

Absolutely. All of our vintage frames are of excellent quality and basically are suitable for installing graded lenses. You can replace both demo lenses in our glasses and sunglasses with graded lenses. All of our vintage glasses can be made into sunglasses, and likewise our vintage sunglasses can be made into prescription glasses. Of course, there may be some exceptions, which is why we encourage you to contact us before purchasing in case of doubt. Please note that the fitting of ophthalmic lenses or sunglasses on our vintage glasses must be by done a qualified optician. The associated costs and responsibility are borne by the person who takes care of the fitting.

No, we sell our glasses as they are. We do not manufacture or fit ophthalmic lenses to our vintage eyeglasses, and fitting ophthalmic lenses to our eyeglasses remains the responsibility and liability of the person who purchases them.