Every indoor or outdoor activity requires specific prescription glasses. Discover our on-line offers and our Lindberg models on sale, made entirely of titanium that are extremely comfortable for prolonged wear all hours of the day, Modo are multi-purpose, practical and comfortable, even while driving, Tom Ford on the other hand, will give you the coolest outfit.

How do you choose the right glasses for your face?

  • Round face: rectangular is the best shape, like the YSL that reduce the “balloon” effect rounded frames often give you
  • Oval face: you’re lucky! This face shape can wear any frame
  • Long or “rectangular ” face: to soften any “sharp” features, your ideal frame shape is rounded, like Dolce & Gabbana or Ray-Ban, but they mustn’t be too small
  • “Square” face: the ideal shape is a thin, round or oval frame like Lindberg or Fendi